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I Do Not Think They Will Sing to Me

Lenore would get angry when I wrote about wanting to be happy. I was having a short-lived affair with a woman other than my wife a number of years ago and Lenore was utterly disgusted with me. I told her that Deb and I weren’t like we used to be. Not like the old days. I told her I wanted to be in love and happy. “Happy,” she said, spitting the word out. “Happy. I’m so sick of people talking

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An Open-And-Shut Case, Johnson

Black Lives Matter. That was the theme of the sermon. And so, near the end of the church service, when Reverend Bryant is saying, “Come up to the altar. Anyone who needs a prayer,” I being white, like Darren Wilson, and the remainder of the church being black, like Michael Brown, I certainly don’t want to come up regardless of what prayer I think I might need. Earlier in the service, Reverend Bryant broke the congregation up into four prayer

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