For the Boy Who Makes Waves

PROSPECTIVE buyers must wonder about the hard-packed runway of dirt in our backyard where grass won’t grow. And the hasp and padlock on the refrigerator. They must wonder why the gate on our six-foot-high picket fence is permanently bolted shut.

Deb and I hardly think about these things. We’ve been with Michael for 11 years.

There are two runways inside the fence. One traces the edge of the house. The dog made this one. He sprints from window to window, tracking my location. Am I in the kitchen? Leaving the kitchen? Walking to the living room? Walking back to the kitchen? D’Artagnan’s head pops up in each window as I pass. It might be cute if it weren’t for the destroyed windowsills and muddy paw prints on the siding.

The other runway, in the center of our tiny backyard, belongs to Michael. It’s a 10-by-3-foot stretch of shiny earth. There are three layers of sod beneath it, each one representing Deb’s hope that this time the grass will take hold, this time the grass will take hold, this time …

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October 2009

Hear Mykelti Williamson Read “For the Boy Who Makes Waves” 

Actor Mykelti Williamson Reads "For the Boy Who Makes Waves"

The actor Mykelti Williamson is doing a live reading of an excerpt from the Modern Love column "For the Boy Who Makes Waves."The Modern Love podcast with Williamson's full reading of this essay will be released on January 25th. Find out more about the podcast here:

Posted by The New York Times – Modern Love on Monday, January 9, 2017

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